Consumer Reports loves the GhostBed... After trying out the memory foam, you probably will too

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Founded in 2015, GhostBed is one of the original ‘mattress-in-a-box companies’

Can you tell me a bit more about the owner? I’ve had some trouble with owners of bedding products in the past.


Interesting. My next-door neighbor just swore off any memory foam bed because he said that after a year his bed had a permanent divot in the foam.

Has anyone else experienced this? (We’ll be bed shopping in 2021 or 2022, so I’m starting the research now.)


It took more like 8 years but I’ve started to notice a divot where I sleep in the memory foam.

Honestly, the best experience I had was with the previous bed, which was a traditional innerspring mattress with a 4" memory foam topper. I would have kept it but my wife was having back issues and was convinced that pure memory foam would be better.

The nice thing with the topper was in theory if it started to wear out it could be replaced more cheaply than replacing the full mattress.


My $208 bed-in-a-box is quite comfy, fanx, and has NO divot after 2 years. It’s soft, folded fabric, over eggcrate foam, over a memory foam base. The fabric prevents the sweats ALL memory foam induces in me.


you just study the online course to become an professional exorcist in 12 easy steps and your problems with past bedding product owners will not only be taken care of but you’ll also be able to use it as a side gig on fiver.


I believe the course will be offered in the BBStore for 86% off soon.
Not sure how the lifetime subscription will be determined…


I’d love to trust a totally foam mattress, but I hear so many horror stories. And I know I’ll have a mostly comfortable innerspring mattress after 10+ years (that I can drop a topper onto), whereas I’m not so sure about memory foam longevity. But man; having to move innerspring beds… f*ck that noise.


Yes, we had this happen, though not in a year. We’ve transitioned to a good quality latex mattress, and are much happier.

The best beds I’ve ever slept on are by a Norwegian company called Jensen, but they can’t sell in the US (I think because their beds contain horsehair). The two 6-month stretches when I was living with Jensen beds gave me the only really good sleep of my adult life.


A fellow patient in a waiting room complained about an expensive AF mattress that V quickly became en-divot’d. Wish I could remember the brand, even though it was a long time ago.

I had a foam mattress from Sears; got it ca.1976 and had it until the mid/late 90s. Spinning it around left-to-right once in a while, and flipping it all the way over prevented/got rid of les divots. It was the most comfortable mattress with whom I’ve lived, and every BF who met it was also V happy with it. I was so sad when it had to go b/c became too squishy and soft w/age. I was so happy with it for so long I’d love trying memory foam.

The worst I’ve had is a V thick futon filled only with cotton, no foam core. Dreadful. The only time it’s not like sleeping on a rock is 1-3 days after re-floofing the fucker, by beating on its underside with a Louisville Slugger. Used as a couch, tho, it’s fine. A thick cotton one w/a thick foam core is V comfy, and requires far less frequent beating/turning/flipping.


in this 8 years did you routinely flip the mattress (or spin it if flipping isn’t an option)?


FWIW, we spin and flip every month or two. It helps to prevent “bed trench.”


But it comes with Scoby Doo, Filmation Ghostbusters or Ghostbuster the movie bedsheets?

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