Get a better night's sleep on these memory foam pillows

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These things are great, I have one of the softer variety. Plus, they’re vegan! No geese were harmed to make them! :smiley:

Nope. Bought a few of these last year. Way too big and not nearly soft enough. Took about 1/4 of the filling out and that helped a bit. But nothing can replace a good down pillow!

For those with sensitive sinuses, its outer case is made from soft, hypoallergenic bamboo rayon that resists moisture, mold, and pesky dust mites.

Ah great, they sound like they’re not toxic then.

(There now, I managed to leave a non-toxic comment on a sponsored post! :wink:)


Exact same price at Ross. Since I didn’t want to take a chance buying two, and then finding out I didn’t like it.

I prefer my sleeping surfaces to be VERY firm… and that includes my pillow, one of those buckwheat husk affairs which keep whatever shape one mushes it into. I absolutely love it.

I have no experience with foam pillows, but several years ago we purchased a “based on NASA technology” memory foam mattress. (Before purchasing, the manufacturer told us that only a few percent of buyers ended up returning the product, so we went for it.) After the first week (of barely) living with it, we decided to live with the standard one in the guest bedroom while we waited for the foam back-breaker to be picked up and a new spring mattress to be delivered. The foam mattress manufacturer sent a hired truck out to make the pickup; they had been doing a lot of these foam mattress pickups (and deliveries) and the truck crew told us that 25% (based on their own experience) had to be returned due to dissatisfaction. Not exactly a “few percent”.

I don’t recommend using these, they absorb what you remember throughout the night.


But that could be a way to get over my hatred for the word “■■■■■”!


At least use a towel so it doesn’t get filthy.

I wonder if thes a market for increased cruelty products?

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I had a memory foam pillow like this, and I felt like it compacted into a rock after lying on it for a couple of hours, so maybe it would work for you.

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But sleep is where I forget…all of it.

I truly appreciate the suggestion, but I’m pretty firm :slight_smile: on staying with my tried and true buckwheat pillow; it stays hard from the get-go, and I can shape it anyway I want and it retain the shape. The magic of buckwheat husks! Thx!

Anyone know of a good memory foam pillow that isn’t made of memory foam shred bits, or is a single piece of foam shaped into some weird, supposedly miraculous for your neck, shape?

I bought one a couple of years ago that was memory foam, and shaped in a single piece like one would expect a pillow to be shaped. Promptly had to take of the copious amount of tags attached to it, and stupidly didn’t keep the tags to ID brand etc… Now some years later, it’s by far the best pillow I have ever used, and the store I bought it at doesn’t have them anymore (of course).

It’s one of the only pillows that doesn’t cause me to wake up with neck muscle pain, which if allowed, develops into raging headaches.

In my day fluffing that rock pillow is how we polished jade into good carving material and by Han we liked it. Wait, so you want not shreddy and not shapey; maybe like a Penrose tesselation?

Here I thought it was genius packing the bamboo ones with crankshafts and carbon fiber rods to make the optimal 3-size packing and save dunnage; but the tweakmatic(but don’t) adjustable pillow makes sense. Individually jacketed? Keyed faces? 44 ‘protein component’ analogs in the set?

Where’s my cake?

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