Sleep peacefully in 2021 with these comfortable, discounted pillows

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It’s not the pillow that’s keeping me up at night.


So say we all.

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Something about his first paragraph seems sinister

“They seem innocent enough. But without trumping up local news exposé levels of hysteria here…your pillow could actually be hurting you”


These massive speed bump adverts, dont half piss me off i just skip right by them, as fast as pos, not even seeing them as i hyper scroll wheel past them, in an endless blur, for American products that i can not buy…

I live nearby an ambulatory converted to COVID hospital. I hear ambulance’s siren all day and night. I could understand you.

I just wish they didn’t post every item in one fell swoop, just a few and then click through to see more. My browser just chokes on them.

What makes any of these pillows worth $100 USD? I blame that pillow guy.

I would not mind if A they where relivent and maybe 3 max, showing me 20 adverts in a ad speed bump just makes me go time to super scroll, how fast can i go!

But i al so accept that boing boing prob has more usa readers and that they prob buy more crap than the rest of us do, so are prob better to advertise at.

But my Ip should tell you i am in the uk…

The 20% code says it is expired yet the code is listed on Boing Boing headers now!! what is happening!!!

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