Here are ten things under $20 you'll actually use


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That sloth tea brewer is kinda cool. . . although the look on his face says “I just peed in the pool.”


This is the third time Illumibowl has been shilled in Boing Boing (previously articles here and here), and for the third time, the manufacturer’s photo is an outright fraud: the product does not illuminate the space behind the toilet.


To be fair, I think the resting face of most sloths is pretty much “I just peed in the pool.”


With as much advertising as I see all over the Web for some of those, I bet they are borderline fraudulent as well.

The flashlight I have seen ads that read, “Real life light Saber??”


Note the question marks.

Q: Real life light sabre?

A: Nope. Flashlight.


It’s also a typo.
It’s supposed to read Illuminati bowl.


Don’t car windows open in the United States? Because when our car smell,s I simply open the window and exchange all the air in one fell swoop.


Here are ten things under $20 that remain overstocked in the BB Store

A more likely explanation.


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