More than a flashlight, this gadget packs a fully-loaded tool box

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Oh thank god…

I first misread this as “More than a fleshlight…” and had decided that the BB store had finally truly jumped the shark.


I misread it too but had the opposite response. Finally something in the BB shop that is useful. :wink:

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Dunno, they might sell a lot of Experts 25-Piece Fleshlight Toolbox Sets:

Compacted into their smallest forms, they often look very simple and unassuming. Yet often once they’re unfurled and seen in their full quasi-Transformers glory, you can’t help but be amazed…

Fortunately for many:

this item fantastic for small jobs

But somehow the 72% off seems a bit threatening…not sure why…




What?? Boing Boing Shop lied again about the “regular price” discount again??? Doh! The Boing Boing Shop cliches drinking game is getting to be really bad for my health… :thinking:


$89.99 at the manufacturers site, but less elsewhere according to teh googles. :wink:

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Wouldn’t a fleshlight that comes (tee-hee) with an already fully loaded tool be rather pointless?

And just going to take another opportunity to berate the semi-illiterate fuckwits that write this crap.

The term “fully loaded” does not take a hyphen. (Scroll down, if you click the link.)

We hyphenate modifiers for clarity: a “large-animal veterinarian” might be different from a “large animal veterinarian.” The simple rule for hyphenation with an adverb ending in -ly , as stated in The Chicago Manual of Style , is as follows:

Compounds formed by an adverb ending in ly plus an adjective or participle (such as largely irrelevant or smartly dressed ) are not hyphenated either before or after a noun, since ambiguity is virtually impossible. (The ly ending with adverbs signals to the reader that the next word will be another modifier, not a noun.)

As with so many hypercorrections, the hyphen following an -ly adverb is essentially redundant, since the word’s spelling signals that it is modifying another. Nevertheless, we do see such errors:

And second, these same members are now openly threatening a revolt against Boehner through a rarely-used procedural maneuver that could—conceivably—oust him from power.
The Atlantic , 2 September 2015

“They feel bad that people are never told the truth,” said Bocaranda, wearing a newly-made T-shirt proclaiming “I don’t know” to satirize the furor over his reports on Chavez’s health.
—Reuters, 8 March 2012

A widening investigation into South Korea’s Lotte Group has plunged the country’s fifth-largest conglomerate deeper into crisis, derailing a blockbuster initial public offering at the heart of a closely-watched corporate restructuring.
Wall Street Journal , “Deals of the Day,” 13 June, 2016

The -ly ending for a modifier is elegant and sufficient. No hyphens need apply.

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“Meh” all the things!!


The flashlight was meh, but the screwdriver has remained my go to for the past 20 years.

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I’m imagining an As Seen on TV style fleshlight multi tool advertisement.

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