IllumiBowl toilet night light - let it glow where the sun don't shine

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No. Just no. No.


What if our toilet bowl already glows like that?


Bow down before the one you serve.


Then you need to drink less Nuka-Cola Quantum.


This story is so great every single time it’s on Boing Boing.


@codinghorror should add a flag for posts violating community standards of copywriting.


Sort of surprised it’s not a UV light marketed for sanitation.

Mine (that glows already) is a Geberit. It is German, it obeys orders. And it has strong authoritarian tendencies, because the more it gets crapped on, the more it obeys orders.

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Those UV lights are great for showing you how often you miss, aren’t they?

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These lights are great in theory, but ultimately just headed for the landfill. The batteries last all of 2 weeks before crapping out (ha), and the suction cups that are supposed to stick it to the side of the toilet are so cheap that they lose their shape and don’t stick anymore after about the same time.

Oh well, great idea. Hopefully someone will make a v2 that has a nice big d battery bank or more modern 18650 rechargeable batteries, and refine the design. In their current form they’re useful only as a novelty gift.

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