IllumiBowl is a night light for your toilet


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What about a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat, or maybe even glowy glaze on the porcelain altar?

Strontium aluminate can be fairly visible even after several hours in the darkness. I use it on light switches and door locks, with great success.


I like the idea, but toilets and things on them require cleaning.


The thing looks somewhat cleaning-friendly, or at least not openly cleaning-hostile. Still, could be made better if it was not a hang-on add-on but more integrated to the seat or to the ceramics. (Glow-in-the-dark glaze FTW.)


Does it actually light up behind the commode as well as the inside? The video sure implies that it does, but I don’t see how it could.


If I had a German Shepard, I’d get a green one, so we could do Fallout cosplay every time he drank from the bowl.


Oh thank God! My toilet has been suffering alone in darkness. Now, thanks to IllumiBowl, it glows in the dark! Thanks, IllumiBowl!


“Sets to the color of your choice or a color-rotate light mode”

Brown and yellow are all that’s needed.


I’ll wait for the internet enabled version.


Finally the pics on will have the kind of artistic Kubrickian lighting they deserve.


I’ve been to lazy and unsure to ever investigate but I always wanted to see if an ultraviolet light in the toilet would be sufficient to disinfect it (to the point you’d only really need to clean if it gets streaky). Purchasing an expensive light bulb to place in my toilet though is kinda low on my priority list right now.


isn’t a suburnt bum painful?


Maybe but the oval tan mark is sure to make everyone jealous


How am I supposed to read with this?


How about a light moulded into the seat itself? It could be recharged by the flushing action.


It needs to in the water, so I can watch it illuminate my ‘stream’.


… to >be< in the water …


UV: Like this?


Looking at a blacklight, including UV LEDs, directly will cook your retinas just fine, so it should.


Wait, people clean their toilets more than once a year? :wink:

Seriously though, toilets are pretty quick and easy to clean- it’s the tub that I would pay a lot for something like that.