This self-cleaning toilet brush sanitizes after every use

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What’s wrong with a hand-held sponge?

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It’s a toilet / toilet brush ffs, I’m not planning on licking it.


You gotta milk those germophobes to the last dime.

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I’ll wait till the IoT version comes out.


I came to say that civilisation reached its peak about five nanoseconds before someone thought to design an electric toilet brush. But no, its peak has yet to be attained. That will be about five nanoseconds after someone markets the IoT electric toilet brush.

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Why call it SNOW?

I love these self-sanitizing toilet seats. (crappy video, but still)

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Who hasn’t worshipped at the Sacred Urn on a Saturday night?


Instagram of flushes. XD

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Let’s not brush this aside. I find it illuminating.


That’s not how it works! UV light disinfection only works on objects that are line-of-sight. All those bristles are getting shadowed by each other, not to mention the holes that the bristles come from. No light is getting in there! Which means they become reservoirs for bacteria.




Yeah. To really sanitize effectively with UV or chemicals first you have to clean. You can expose a pile of dog poo to hours of UV or pour disinfectant all over it, but it will still be germy. The words matter. Self-sanitizing != self-cleaning. And self-sanitizing has it’s limitations.

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Motel of the Mysteries? :smiley:

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Yep, none other!

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