Hands-free, self-saranwrapping toilet at O'Hare Airport


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Wouldn’t a UV lamp do the same disinfecting job without having to restock consumables? (Double so when long-lifetime germicidal LEDs become common?)


It’s hygiene theater. You’re not going to get AIDS from sharing a toilet seat.


Yes, but it is gross to sit on a seat some jackass with bad aim urinated on (common issue). Saves the janitorial staff some work as well, which is really the goal of most forms of automation.

Also fwiw, lots of airports, train stations have these seats. I recall seeing them start to show up at least 6 years ago. I am not sure why this is today’s news.


Cool until you realize it’s just the same two sections of plastic getting rotated around…


I’m sure that given enough energy and flexibility, it can be done.


Whey you say Saranwrapping toilet, I think of the prank where one puts clingwarp over the bowl so that nothing goes in…


They’ve had the exact same type of seat covers in the main Houston Spec’s (wonderful liquor and import food store) since before 2009. It doesn’t work half the time.


Seems to be an older model/video, because I did almost the exact same recording last month when I traveled there and it looks more modern now:

This is progress. I’ve been to nine different American airports (+ two European ones) during the last month and only Chicago O’Hare had these.



I recall seeing these when I did a lot more travel. 18 years ago? Maybe more?


The problem is science: your average Joe doesn’t understand how a lamp could possible disinfect. These toilet seat covers, they don’t change to the clean section until a person goes into the stall and purposely changes it. People need to see that something is physically happening. Blame it on human nature.


Disinfect, possibly. Might have trouble handling the cleaning portion unless it’s a really strong lamp, though…


Yes. Came here to say this. I saw this at ORD bazillion years ago.


I style those things – paper or plastic – as an “ass-gasket”


I always wonder if people really think a thin piece of very porous tissue will stop any bacteria and/or viruses.


Ebola’s possible, though. Airports are one of the few places where this kind of paranoia makes some sort of sense.


I dunno, I feel like the people who install this may actually be motivated by concern for public health rather than theatrical appeal. I mean, it’s not like airport bathrooms have competition, is it? You either go there, or in the horrible closet on the airplane, or you hold it for quite a few hours more. I don’t see a way for the airport to make money off of swankier toilets.


This thing is non-porous, actually. Plastic. Perhaps you’re thinking of the ones with wax paper covers, which…are also non-porous.

Anyway, for me it’s less about actual sickness and more about not wanting to sit in someone else’s piss. That’s gross even if it doesn’t harm me directly.


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