Get this motion-activated toilet night light for just $14.99


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Bowel motion activated light.


This is going to look super disgusting about every other night, maybe more frequently depending on how fastidious your family is.

Did something happen to rheostat dimmers, or tasteful light fixtures that don’t maliciously blind you every time you get up to go to the crapper at night?


I wonder if they tried out a black light version that didn’t make it through the product marketing.


The real question is how to get to the toilet in the dark. Even in my small house it’s precarious.


I have a different version of this - when you stand in front of the toilet it lights up red or green (red = seat up, green = seat down). Bright enough to get the job done without going blind and handy for the ladies who don’t want to splash down.


How many times are they going to advertise this thing? Has anybody here actually bought one?


If I ever have light coming from out of my toilet, it’s going to be from something I made.

Er, that came out wrong.

I mean… oh, I give up.


So much better than 1.0


it’s sad that this toilet waste water generator is not designed as a “water” wheel in the bowl


Do wild animals ambush you along the way? Do you have to avoid the caltrops you carefully set out every night? Do tiny gnomes rotate your bed 90 degrees on alternating Thursdays while you sleep, so you never know whether you’re about to walk into a wall when you get up?

I get that some people have poor night vision, but seriously. Are you so unfamiliar with the layout of your house that you can’t stumble across two rooms and a hallway by touch? How have we survived to this day as a species?


are littered Lego bricks/bottle caps wild animals? if so: yes, an ambush is possible


/reflects on yesterday’s discussion of the offspring’s holiday present options

/considers the one-thousand-piece bag of Megablocks that may have been purchased
/goes to look for the “return” function on the order page

Edit: I think they’re more in the “caltrop” category, though.



Do slugs count? Treading on one on the way to the toilet is an unforgettable experience.


Yes, but I didn’t buy it, it was a gift from one of my kids. I think it came from the dollar store. I’m usually the only one in my house who gets up while it’s still fully dark, so I find it useful.


I have small children who like to play with small toys. They usually bathe in the evening, and are not always perfectly diligent about picking up their bath toys. It saves my feets when I get up in the dark.


I take it you don’t have a cat. Don’t worry, some cat is bound to adopt you soon. I can’t promise a cat will cure your grumpy disposition but it’ll make your life much more interesting. :slight_smile:


What makes you think I have a grumpy disposition? Also, a cat is unlikely for the next… oh, 15 years or so.

Also, you must have some truly well-behaved and calm cats if having the lights on keeps you from tripping on them or having your feet attacked by them. Or, for that matter, being able to fall asleep in the first place.


Well, if you weren’t trying to be insulting then I guess I need to work on my listening skills. :laughing:

One of the cats says “hey.” The other is taking a nap.