Get this motion-activated toilet night light for just $14.99


If it comes out glowing, it comes out wrong.


I may have been too snarky and eager to exercise my wit. My apologies to anyone I’ve offended.

(I say “hey” back to the cat. My parrot screams in sheer terror.)


I put mine outside. It seems to scare the Raccoons away.


The photo is bogus. There’s just one bulb, which goes inside the bowl, so that pretty glow from behind the pedestal doesn’t really happen.


Your toilet doesn’t have a transparent back?


so i’m understanding that this is simply a light that sticks to the inside of the toilet bowl. correct?

does the lid need to be up for the sensor or is the sensor sensitive enough to register movement from the spaces between the seat and bowl and seat and lid?

I ask because there is a lid to cover the seat for a reason… and I tend to use it.


I had a $15 credit for the store so I picked one of these up last week, been using it for a few days. Our only light in the bathroom is the 5-bulb vanity light, turning it on in the middle of the night is a guarantee of not returning to sleep anytime soon.

The motion sensor sits outside of the bowl, it’s the little box you see on the right side of the toilet in the photos. It picks up movement at least several feet away, and is only activated if it’s dark. A flexible arm bends around the top of the bowl and the tip with the LED points down into the toilet. As stated above, there is only one LED so the photos with the toilet backlit are misleading.

There is a button on the unit that either activates the color rotation or stops on a certain color when pressed. Holding it down will dim the light, and there are 3 levels of brightness. It takes 3 AAA batteries and the battery case is not waterproofed so aim true! The arm and LED can be rinsed when you clean the toilet.

It’s actually been pretty nice, I have no trouble navigating to the bathroom in the dark but gauging my aim by echolocation in facto has led to some unpleasant surprises. Now I have a lit target and can go back to bed without having to clean up anything.

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