Motion sensing solar-charged LED outdoor light for $11

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the motion sensor is sensitive enough to turn on the light when a person or coyote walks by, but doesn’t turn on the light unecessarily [sic].

IS it necessary to turn on a light for coyotes? I’m of the opinion: fuck coyotes. They can stay in the dark.

The light is very bright and the motion sensor is sensitive enough to turn on the light when a person or coyote walks by...
That's awfully specific. Is there a model that turns on for a wider range of things?

I need to add an outdoor light for building code on a multifamily, I wonder if this would suffice?

At that price, it’d be tempting to get one just to take it apart and see how it works. Unfortunately, I don’t have a practical application for it - the place I need something like that really doesn’t get enough sun.

Like a zombie mode would be helpful.


Now works with badgers!


Ugh. It looks dreadful. I mean yes, it’s certainly cheap, and I’m sure there’s very little fuss involved, but as a physical object it’s utterly hideous - why would you want to attach that to your home? - and as a light source those bare LEDs are just going to fart light in every single direction. Light pollution? Colour rendering? Colour temperature? Who cares, eh?

We all should. Get something that’s built to last and focuses an appropriate quantity - and good quality - of light where you actually want it.


with in-light purchases, as a pay-to-illuminate model

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I’ll be putting the 20 LED version of this on my wall as soon as I buy the right size masonry bit. It is perfect for illuminating our garbage cans when we to move them to the street, and the light spillage is not as much as I’d like but is enough for lighting up the critical part of our walkway.

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