Surprisingly beautiful chandelier made from toilets


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I like it, but not for outdoors. Under all those rims is just tons of hiding places for wasps and spiders.


7 toilets each weighing 70 to 100 pounds, plus the weight of the steel frame that the toilets attach to, as well as the chains and wiring, leads me to estimate the weight of that lighting fixture at 800+ lbs.

It’s like the Toilets of Damocles.


I was thinking the exact same thing.


Surprisingly beautiful


That is fucking hideous.


if the light switch isn’t a toilet handle they have failed.




I hope they cleaned them first.


It better be one of those eco-push-button kinda set up a a dimmer.


Can’t speak to the plumbing part, but the wiring looks like it was done by a complete spazmo.



Just need a urinal one for the foyer and your golden.


Just don’t install one in the powder room. If it starts creaking like in the movies, you may not have time to, uh, finish up and get the heck out.


I hear they are installing them in this building in Virginia:


That designer be like;


It is surprising that you think it is beautiful, yes. I guess beauty is in the eyebowl of the beholder.


What are the toilet bowls contributing that the light fixtures themselves don’t?

At least Wayne Coyne’s ridiculous kitchen fixture is plausibly functional:

I love that kitchen except it’s in Oklahoma and a cat is being allowed to sit on a counter


All toilets but one. That one unloads on one random unsuspecting dinner guest. It’s like toilet Russian roulette