Cool idea: inflatable LED lighting fixtures

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Pah! $285 for one? No thanks.
This from Home Depot does the trick for $40…

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The LED lights they sell to fit florescent fixtures around here are odd. You can twang one like a guitar string and it’ll wobble around like it’s made of jelly. I find this somewhat disconcerting.

I don’t get it. LED light strips, sure, but why do they have to be inflatable?

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It looks like the plugging in of wires is reverse video of pulling out the wires. Some video shenanigans might be going on here.


Yeah, those wires appeared to jump into the sockets. Magnets maybe, but I think more editing magic to hide the fact they’re probably finicky and annoying to get in.

My main concern with workshop lighting is how bright it is and price. These seem to have been made focusing on various parameters that completely ignore that. Rather than buy expensive overhead lights that can be moved around my workshop/studio easily I’d rather install enough traditional overhead LED workshop lighting to evenly and brightly light the entire space.

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Seems like it should be a neat and cheap way to do the diffuser.

$285? LOL

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