Dimmable Recessed LED lighting to replace incandescent bubs

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4 for $31 is not too shabby.


Oh good, are they the wifi kind that join the nearest botnet?


A word of warning: looks like these have a CRI of 80+, meaning colours - particularly reds - will look a bit washed out under their light.

“High CRI” (95+) bulbs look waaay better to me, but they cost a lot more. :frowning_face: Worth it as a on-off cost though…


You can do your very best, give your appliances a loving stable upbringing, try to instill discipline and virtue, compassion and humility…but in the end if they’re gonna join a botnet, they’re gonna join a botnet.


These are a superbly cheap and easy way to convert existing fixtures to LED, way better than any normal LED bulb. Excellent heat dispersion, light distribution, etc. I probably wouldn’t use the cheap stuff like this if it’s for displaying art, but for a basement or general lighting they are great.


These are cool if you need the recessed fixture; if you’ve already got recessed fixtures and just need LED floodlight-style bulbs, your honest-to-god best bet is the Home Depot clearance section. Last year I outfitted my whole house with Cree floodlights in the existing recessed fixtures; they were updating the model and I got the bulbs for like $3-4 a piece. Last week I happened to check the clearance section while buying some plumbing hardware and ended up with 4x 3-packs of Philips daylight LED floods for literally a penny per 3-pack; and just yesterday I was there for something else and they were clearancing out regular A19 LED bulbs from Philips for like $2.50/4 pack.

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Pictures please! Or link to maker article about what you’re doing!!


I felt like such a bargain hunter when I bought dimmable LED floods for my new house 4 1/2 years ago. A steal at $17 each! (Costco.)

I should check the clearance section at Lowes more frequently.

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I went looking for an incandescent bub on the webiverse, and this was all I could find…

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