Great deal on LED bulbs

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Do they have these in strobe?


These LEDs lights are cheap, but they have a so so Color Rendering Index of 80 and and are non dimmable. For people in areas where there are no LED bulb subsidies they may be a great deal.

In the Bay Area, Daiso discount stores, for example, have subsidized LED bulbs for $2 a piece with a color rendering index of greater than 90, and dimmablity.


Are these with bots, or without? Is there a surcharge?


Can I control them with my kettle?


Try some 4000K bulbs, they’re not as blue / harsh as “daylight”, but you discern differences in dark laundry colors much easier.

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You want 2700K if you prefer how regular incandescent bulbs look. 3000K for a more modern look. 5000K if you prefer the harsh cold white of Walmart. Other important features to check for with cheap LED bulbs (this is a general list, not specific to the bulbs on this deal): 0-100% dimmability, a linear or near-linear dimming curve, no RFI/EMI interference (the AC/DC switching in some bulbs is super ghetto), matching white points (best to buy them in batches if they really need to match), lifespan of 20k-50k hours minimum.

It seems like the industry is moving fast to fix all these issues and LEDs are already almost always a better option than incandescents and CFLs.

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