This LED flood light is handy and inexpensive


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Link, please. I want one of these to point at a silver Christmas tree.


Above (images) shows the posted floodlight, and others that are similar in features.



Seems like a good replacement for my halogen work light. The thing is very bright but, boy, does it get hot.


It is a little off-putting that one of the product images shows you how to continuity test the ground.


Lots of these come with the ground disconnected. A basic safety feature is a good selling point.


My point is it would be nice if maybe I could rely on the manufacturer to not skip the basic safety feature.


how better to demonstrate product is “Safer : With ground wire connected and wide voltage made it works properly even the AC fluctuate between 85-265V”


The one listed is only 10w but it does have colors. The same manufacturer also makes 20w, 30w, and 50w models in white which would be better shop lights.

10w is only around 60-70 watts incandescent and I’ll bet your shop light is 200w or so halogen, which is more like 40w or so LED.


Without a BigClive review, I’ll pass.


embrace the darkness.


If your halogen light was like mine, it burned approximately 1,000,000w too. I replaced my halogen with this:

Snap On 2000 Lumen LED Work Light




I’d been wondering about these for a while now. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll try’me out.


It’s only water resistant, rated IP65 (“able to protect against water jets”). For the same price from the same company, you can get a unit that’s rated IP66 (“able to protect against powerful water jets”).


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