Gadgets 022: RGB LED Lightbulb, KontrolFreek joystick extender, Photive 5 Port Multi-USB Charger


The 3W and 5W LED color changing bulbs are usually panned for being no more than toys. I’d go with a 9W or 10W for the same price or less. I bought a 9W for under $10 and am quite happy with it. It has been on every day for more than a year…

Only $75 on Canada Amazon! Wait, wut?

Yay, BBG is back!

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Not available for delivery to New Zealand. And hideously expensive from an importer, I’ve tried.

The multiport charger could be improved.

Place 4-pin connectors above the ports, instead of the labels. Make labels with the resistor dividers needed for the given brand/type of a gadget, with the matching connectors. Set up your own combo.

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