Remote-control dimmable multicolor LED lightbulb

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Weren’t these the same ones that merrily join the killer botnets?

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These are controlled via infrared, not wifi or bluetooth, so that would be an impressive feat.

(Attacker needs line of sight)


We have a string of LEDs (around 5m) with the same controller. My son loves them, but I’m always slightly disappointed by the granularity of the control - I think it’s 2 bits per colour. It’s okay, but it could be so much better - the LEDs are willing, but the controller is weak.


Does it keep the same color when you turn the bulb off and on using the light switch? I have a similar looking bulb and it resets to heinous bright white whenever power is cycled, making it mostly useless, for my purposes at least. If it only stored it’s color it would be a thing of awesomeness.

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