Add a couple of military-grade flashlights to your emergency kit for 2018

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They say, “Army Gear” on the side, just like real military equipment!

Just kidding, there’s nothing military grade about these. Streamlight’s Sidewinder is a good example of a military grade flashlight. Why doesn’t BB offer those in its store instead?

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That’s because this is Jason Weinberger’s personal shop soap box.
You get no service, you’re being screwed out of warranty with bullshit clauses like “All sales final”.
Of all the good BoingBoing is, the shop is a horrible extension which should be buried at the earliest option.

I agree absolutely with hungryjoe and Ceaus. After my experience with these crap flashlights I would be very reluctant to ever but anything from BB store.

Thanks for the heads-up. I was about to purchase these.

I agree with all that was said here about the BB store. It’s run by Stack Social which has an All Sales Final policy (which I had never noticed until recently). I’ve gotten some decent stuff from here, but when the products are bad, they’re REALLY bad. And you’ll have no recourse to return them. This stuff is usually available elsewhere. Check Amazon first. If you really want these flashlights, just buy them here for a LOT less:

Are these more military grade than the hundreds that end up in my email spam box?

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