Mattress shopping with a bad back

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“Do you have bad back?” 1)

1) Been there, bought the mattress, didn’t get a t-shirt… but no slipped disc either, so…


If you ever want to learn more than you’ll ever need about mattress manufacturing, retailing, and purchasing, poke around here for a few hours/days/weeks.

My partner has some back issues that interfere with a good night’s sleep, so getting a good mattress for her was critical - ultimately, we ended up getting a ‘kit’ from Sleep EZ so she could have some softer comfort layers on her side while my side was closer to a marble slab. It’s not quite perfect, so we may try reordering the layers before we change any out, but it’s great to have the option.


I’ve been mattress shopping too. When I googled “mattress” recently, I got this result:

I guess some folks prioritize other things when buying a mattress…


Purple? Last time I heard of them was over here, I think.


If I die, I’ll be comfortable. I already asked them about filling the ‘grid’ with THC.


“The mattresses are hybrid and with springs made of metal sourced on earth”

That’s quite an extraordinary claim. Can they actually PROVE the metal was sourced from Earth? Does it comply with the “Terra Firma Protocols” as established by INTERPOL?

I’m skeptical.


(George Clooney’s character on the set of Burn After Reading, with the Liberator Pillow.)


Consumer reports usually has a good feature on mattresses, generally starting with an “abandon all hope ye who enter here” disclaimer, as there are often regional variations on mattress manufacturers in the same brand. Worth going to the library, getting the electronic version from your electronic library access, or getting a membership. For your shoulder, they do make expensive pillow with a tunnel/puppet show sorts of pillows, that let you sleep bad side down, on your side.
Sorry about the significant other thing, hope it sorts itself out in a happier fashion.


I have looked at those but find that a ‘good’ mattress eliminates the need for me. A bad one, however…

That is an ever-changing wonderland.


True. The human experience often compels us to go down some odd rabbit holes. So to speak.


If you have a mattress with a box spring, you can also firm up one side (or both) by putting a sheet of plywood between the mattress and box spring.

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What about mattresses for sex and back pain?

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…dare i ask how much the Purple mattress cost? i mean, you didn’t mention it, and i’m pretty certain it’s less than $60k…


We bought a Tulo medium as our guest bed, which also doubled as our bed while we waiting for our stuff to be delivered from Toronto -> Austin. It was surprisingy comfortable for a $600 mattress!

They too offer a 100 day guarantee and will even swap out your old mattress for free. They are the highest rated low-cost memory foam mattress on wirecutter as well.

It really sucks trying to choose a mattress after spending 10 minutes lying on one in a store, so I highly recommend trying one you can have delivered and returned in a few months if it’s not for you.


After having searched far and wide for a new mattress back in the 90’s and came to the conclusion that the mattress industry has made it nearly impossible to comparison. The sell everyone nearly identical products with a wide variety of add-on features and a unique name. . After having schlepped around to every mattress supplier within a 20 mile range we gave up and just picked one.

The result of this experience was the verbal short hand phrase “It’s like shopping for mattresses” which we use to describe when it’s impossible to pick “the best” of something.

Sadly this sales strategy seems to be more and more prevalent with anything you buy.

I recently had to buy a new kitchen range. That is probably two frustrating days of my life I"ll never get back.

Purple 3 Dimensions Price
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 12” $1,899
Queen 60" x 80" x 12” $2,199
King 76" x 80" x 12” $2,699
Cali King 72" x 84" x 12” $2,699

There are discount codes online. I found one for $250 off.


well, that’s MUCH more palatable. thank you!

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