Contact lenses, now with zoom!

A team led by led by Joseph Ford of UCSD and Eric Tremblay of EPFL have developed a contact lens granting the wearer variable zoo of up-to 3x. From Extreme Tech:"An international team of researchers have created the first telescopic contact lens; a contact lens that, when it’s equipped, gives you the power to zoom… READ THE REST

I saw this coming. :>)

And I totally want this and the magnetic ear implants.

You need to wear polarized glasses to use the contacts. The two states of the glasses swap between regular and zoom.

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Heard that!

Yeah, I figured there was a catch. Either headaches from failures to fuse, or some sort of requirement for external support.

If you need to put on separate glasses anyway, mini-Galilean optics might be approaching 3x power already. (Though that may already be in headache territory.)

Superman? I think you mean… Steve Austin.

True. If it were Superman, you’d have X-Ray vision. If we want that now, we have to get those glasses from the back of a comic book.

This would be more like Legolas.

Hope it come with adjustable lighting… in case in a dark corner with high resolution. It’s important when you just want to browse the street and avoid accident.

At first I was losing my shit over how awesomely clever this is, but the requirement for polarising specs pretty much kills the awesome…

I’m not gonna feel like I’m living in the future until something like this can be switched on a lot more elegantly than that…

Screw Superman stuff, this could be inestimable help to those of us who have extremely bad eyesight. 3X would give me almost normal distance vision and polarized glasses is a teeny price to be able to see street signs or airport status boards or the details of a movie.
S***, I want some of thiis.

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