Eye surgeon discovers that patient's irritated, dry eye is caused by a mass of dozens of lost contact lenses

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and another thing to add to my list of I will stick with glasses thank you very much.


I guess the directions were missing the step on removing them later?

17 of them, with 10 more elsewhere.


Holy hell. I used to wear contacts, and had one float away on me once, but got it back. How the hell do you lose 27 of them in your eyes? There isn’t enough room for that!


What is this, I don’t even…

Seriously. How can this be? I wear contact lenses occasionally as they are more convenient than glasses when wearing a helmet. But I can’t for the life of me comprehend this.


I heard of someone once who drunkenly stored their lenses in a bottle of vitamin E, which they had (drunkenly) filled with water. They were shocked the next day when they put in their lenses, and had orange eyes.


I’ve been wearing contact lens 38 years. I take them out each evening and only wear them Monday through Friday. Like @Mister44, I’ve had them temporarily float behind my eye, but it’s pretty uncomfortable so it’s not like I could just ignore it. So I also can’t even begin to understand how the patient wasn’t experiencing major discomfort.

As for the missing lenses: it’s possible that she assumed her lenses fell out? Although, I think I would have probably gone to my optometrist by the third time…


I don’t want to know what other things she’s lost in other orifices.


Ugh. I wear glasses because I can’t stand the thought of something floating around in my eyes, so I’m shuddering at the idea of 27 contact lenses loose in that poor woman. Ugh. Ew. Nope.


Hmm. How many lenses did she have in her other eye?

Wait, how the heck did she get as far as having cataract surgery scheduled “poised to operate” without anyone noticing?


I suppose that cheaper than buying those vanity lenses!


Me too. I’ve only had to wear glasses for the past 10 or so years, so the idea of trying contacts was not on my list. My sister has worn glasses and was into contacts pretty early. Never looked fun.


As someone who never thought he could do it - you can do it. You will be amazed how your eye doctor can literally pluck them from your eye when it can take you several minutes as you learn. But once you get the hang of it, its not hard. You might get dry eyes, and late at night they can be aggravating.

I have been thinking of getting some for cosplaying… I used to love them for paintball. Went back to glasses when my life was staring at a computer screen all day. It’s just easier. And I look like 20% smarter with glasses (jk).


I am with @jyoti on this… tried it once long ago when I was dating a optometry major, I was told I would not notice after a few hours so I gave it half a day or so and was these are still annoying and itchy when I am not distracted so they are big NOPE.


I’ve worn contacts for over 25 years, since I was 15 years old; to do so requires a very small modicum of common sense and discipline, no more than brushing your teeth. I lost one, once, when I took an elbow to the eye playing rugby, and went to the optician, because, you know, having a disc of silicone gel floating behind the back of your eyeball is clearly not a good idea, even to a not particularly responsible student. To lose (more than) one behind your eye without seeking medical help means you were too irresponsible to wear lenses in the first place.


The five pairs of reading glasses on her forehead should have been a tip-off…


I wore contacts for a while and eventually decided they just weren’t worth the hassle. I too can’t begin to imagine how this is possible to not notice.

I have a minor stigmatism and can get away without wearing glasses most of the time anyway. For those times I do need them it’s much more convenient for me to just put them on.


When was this? 1) the newer contacts are less noticeable and 2) eye drops will remove some of the irritation.

For me the hard part was getting them in and out. They didn’t really bug me once in, until I started staring at a screen all day and then they got a bit dry.

And, you know, I got married so who was I trying to impress?

And NOW they have cool glasses with MUCH thinner lenses. In high school, because of my astigmatism, the bottom outside of my lenses were literally .4" wide.


I think like most anything to do with our bodies, different people have different reactions/tolerance with contacts. My husband is a big no way in hell to wearing them.

I was a swimmer, then a runner in high school, so contacts were better for seeing the faint markings in x-country than not wearing my glasses (this was before the lighter-weight yet durable plastic lenses and lighter frames). When I returned to swimming in college, I noticed that I could time my flip turn better when I wore my contacts.

I would LOVE to get my eyes lasered, but apparently my vision changes with the seasons.


Tag should be “BEAM in your eye”!

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