Content of first comment leaking into article in bbs view

I’ve seen this a few times, where the content of the first comment on the bbs will leak into “Show Full Post” text. Latest example on: Biopic of "little old lady" folk artist a hit in theaters

You can see lucy_gothro’s wikipedia content is appended to the article text. It’s not just oneboxes, though, I’ve seen just a straight text comment either append to, or completely replace the article text.

I’m on Firefox 53.0, windows 8 currently, but I’ve seen this on older versions of FF, and windows 7 at least.

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Holy… you know why that’s happening?

Because the first post is actually getting pulled into the page content (have a look at the page source).

That’s clearly a misconfiguration of the page template (and possibly the Discourse plugin).

Thanks, we’re on it.


Thanks, this will save me a lot of head-scratching, as I always spend way too many valuable person-minutes trying to puzzle out what extremely subtle joke the first commenter is pulling by copy-pasting the article into their comment…


here’s another one. This one grabbed the second comment

Yep, thanks. Officially a known issue™ and our Top Men are working on it.


If it helps, I’ve had this a few times, on iOS9 with safari. I don’t think it’s happened on my PC laptop with Chrome

Oh, good. So we can expect it to get looked at in ~20 years.

Did I do something wrong? Or should I feel, er. proud?

Let me know, please, so I can figure out how to feel about this.

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Your comment was used to help identify an annoying bug at BB, which will now get squashed.

I’d go with proud. :slight_smile:


Wow, I feel like Charles Goodyear! Except I wasn’t trying.


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