Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 3)

Jake Corman, the president pro tempore of the state Senate, announced this week that he and a group of other parents are asking the Commonwealth Court to halt Gov. Tom Wolf’s current mask mandate, which requires indoor masking in all schools across the state.








Meanwhile, out in the world

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Hey, we finally may see some action against assholes who use their credentials to spread dysinfo!

Latest News • Sept. 9, 2021 •

Board-certified physicians who spread COVID vaccine misinformation risk certification

by Alyson Sulaski Wyckoff • Associate Editor

Physicians certified by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) or American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) who provide misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines could risk losing their board certification.

A joint statement signed by the presidents/CEOs of the three primary care boards reminds physicians that they need to provide the most accurate and timely health information available.

“Spreading misinformation or falsehoods to the public during a time of a public health emergency goes against everything our Boards and our community of board-certified physicians stand for,” the CEOs stated. They called such behavior unethical, unprofessional and dangerous.

“The evidence that we have safe, effective and widely available vaccines against COVID-19 is overwhelming,” the statement continues. “We are particularly concerned about physicians who use their authority to denigrate vaccination at a time when vaccines continue to demonstrate excellent effectiveness against severe illness, hospitalization and death.”

The joint message released today follows two similar statements from the Federation of State Medical Boards, which said providing misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines contradicts physicians’ ethical and professional responsibilities and may subject physicians to disciplinary actions, including suspension or revocation of their medical license.

The ABP, ABFM and ABIM support that position.

The ABP has received complaints about pediatricians who have spread misinformation, said ABP President and CEO David G. Nichols, M.D., M.B.A., FAAP.

“This is a broad-based problem that is not only being reported to individual boards or state licensing agencies,” Dr. Nichols said. “This is of concern because of what we are seeing on social media — and in the media more generally — of unprofessional behavior in spreading misinformation to the public.”

The joint statement “is directed at board-certified physicians — our community — and we’re hoping to validate the vast majority of board-certified pediatricians who are doing a heroic job under difficult circumstances, providing outstanding care, and alert those who are undermining that standard that is not consistent with their certificate,” Dr. Nichols said.

AAP President Lee Savio Beers, M.D., FAAP, said that pediatricians “are essential to ensuring that families receive accurate and timely information about COVID-19 and the pandemic. We also know all too well the dangers of misinformation and disinformation to child health. We are grateful to the American Board of Pediatrics for taking this important step.”

The ABP also emailed the statement to all board-certified pediatricians.

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Las Vegas Raiders tix resell prices have fell through the floor after the team had required everyone going to a game to get the vaccine


Here’s the study itself. Whenever possible I prefer to read the actual study rather than the news stories about the studies as the reporters often get some of the details and nuances wrong.

Other than the main headline of vaccines now providing a roughly 10:1 advantage against death vs. the unvaccinated, they’re now only providing a 4.6:1 advantage against infection. And that’s for the period between June 20-July 17, so who knows, it might have even less effectivity now. Stay masked!


Scary: Texas 4-year old girl died in her sleep only HOURS after manifesting a fever. WARNING: Houston Link is paywalled. The Galveston Daily News link is not.

Apparently Kali was NEVER tested for COVID, and only an autopsy revealed her cause of death. Grandma noticed her having a fever at 2AM, gave her some medicine. She checked in again at 7AM, and found her dead. Mother was diagnosed of COVID and was self-isolating the day before.

If you don’t vax for yourself, do it for the children who can’t be vaxxed yet.

Yes, it may be YOUR freedom, but do it for the kids! #putkidsfirst #covidvaccine



Fucking Florida, man.


I am sooo glad I got out.


I have to admit that what I’m seeing in the US vs. just about any other country with regard to COVID is the strongest argument for expatriating that I’ve seen yet.


i keep thinking maybe we can get greg abbott to aggressively go out and arrest people who are sick to get them off the streets since that appears to be his definition of “freedom”


Just got word that both Augusta Medical Center and UVA are bringing in morgue trailers. That never happened here previously. We are seriously screwed.


So when the FDA says they will not cut any corners in approval for 5-11 year olds it sounds to me like “we’re going to slow walk in the hope people who won’t vaccinate themselves will think it safe enough to vaccinate their kids.” Which is never going to work. Anyone in the US who isn’t vaccinated at this point who doesn’t have a real medical contraindication isn’t going to start listening to reason and science now.
I really hope I’m wrong. The kids need to be vaxxed as soon as possible.


A development that will only shock Republican pols.


Someone already posted the link from WhyAxis… After Pfizer’s vaccine got FDA full approval, the vaccination rate did NOT rise.

Those who’re not going to vaccinate simply goal-shifted from “I am waiting for approval” to “approval was rushed”.

No matter what FDA does some people are so bone-headed they rather Darwin themselves than vaccinate. Some COVID deniers did just that… deny it until they died in the hospital of COVID, and STILL refuse to believe COVID exists.