Contraption converts a "hoverboard" into a go-kart


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Another excuse not to walk. Great.


Oh the humanity!



Baby goes on your shoulders when riding a Segway


Nothing quite says “I give up” like an able-bodied person on a motorized wheelchair.

[we’re trained to believe automobiles don’t count]



Looks like a good idea for a DIY project, as a kid i loved this sort of things.




FYI that woman on the Segway pushing a stroller is actually a cancer survivor who lost her left leg to disease, and uses the Segway to get around, especially in hilly areas, like Seattle where this picture was taken. She was, apparently, visiting her family and that’s her niece that she’s pushing. So, yeah; don’t judge.

You know what’s almost as bad? People who use mechanical advantage to scoot around on two wheels - they barely use any of their own energy at all! And they don’t even stand like Segway/Hoverboard users do - they just sit there! Cyclists; bunch of lazy lycra perverts if you ask me.



To be fair an automobile can carry more cargo and cover distance much faster than a person on foot.

These gizmos, not so much.


Next phase is obviously all wheel drive.


Maybe a Hover-millipede-board? With enough of them, you could lie on them and save the effort of having to sit up.


Greatest Nation on Earth.


Best use I have seen for the Hades board yet.


While I’m glad to see “hoverboard” in quotes, at least in the title, I’d go one step further and make it "hover"board. Just to rub it in.


Can we name it 'The Florida"?


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