Extreme off-road wheelchair


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That’s so rad! They need to take it further! How about a model that can top 100mph? Or a huge one that can run over cars at a monster truck rally? The possibilities…!


How is Colin Furze not involved in this?


Also, DH (downhill) biking on a tadpole trike. Yes, this is a thing.


An on-road wheelchair is a car.


Another fine product of Ng industries.
-Snow Crash


Not in Brazil.


Self-stabilizing walkers are the future!


Welcome to the 21st Century economy.


Why is it those photos look so fake? Like, super fake. The youtube looks real.


Building shit to let even more people run destructive machines thru forests? Hell no. Bad freaking idea.


I know who would like one of these.


This is outstanding. Anthing geared toward giving access to nature and the means to self-motivate in the wild is friggin’ great.

I do wish, however, that some of the mobility innovations I’ve seen in various journals and publications over the past few decades actually would reach the market. I have a buddy who would certainly enjoy the ability to go into the woods, but he’d also enjoy things you would think would be standard issue by now like a cooling pad or a lighter chair.

A vast number of those restricted to mobility devices not only don’t enjoy access to the wilderness, they also can hardly navigate their own homes or cities.


Complaining about the destruction of the wilderness is fine, but when you zoom in on the handicapped, it’s kind of like saying, “all lives matter.”


Do you know why land conservation efforts suck so much tailpipe when it comes to getting taxpayer support?

Hint: It’s not because too many Americans are out there enjoying the land.


I have a cousin who would love this. Was a great outdoors man until his accident. In addition to being able to join in on the northern fishing and geese hunting trips, he’d be able to help out on the ranch, instead of spending most of his days stuck indoors - polar opposite of his pre-accident life.


So… an electric off-road wheelchair with a 4-stroke engine?


Maybe it charges the battery like a Volt does?


Do I have to be wheelchair-bound in order to receive one of these chairs?

I could cut off my legs…


Needs a cyborg dog security detail.