Man converted his electric wheelchair into a snowplow

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I caught this on It’s always great to see any citizen help others, but especially when they are disabled and a vet, he has good heart.


Now that he’s shown he’s still able to do work he’s going to lose his disability.


I suppose that tracked vehicle is a “wheelchair” in the same way I still “dial” numbers on my cell phone.

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Again? Didn’t he already convert it once, like a week ago? So now it’s what, a double-snowplow? A snow-snowplow-plow?

maybe a coil melted and he had to refit a second wheelchair?


Wondering here about his battery budget. Decent batteries are expensive, and he’s definitely giving his rig a workout.

In Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash there’s a Vietnamese guy, a war vet, who has an entire truck retrofitted as his “wheelchair” and I see this IRL instance of the wheelchair-snowplow as a necessary early link in the evolutionary chain. Since several companies are making a go of self-driving cars, maybe that’s another link in the same chain. Getting that human-brain/car-brain interface sorted out is probably doable if also tricky…

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Especially since he’s using them in the cold, which makes less efficient. However, I have no idea if that reduces their working life, increases it, or no effect.

If he uses them without much pausing, and draws enough current, they will keep warm due to their internal resistance. So the ambient cold may or may not have impact on performance, depending on the usage mode.

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From the new yorker:

“I’ll be a little late. I’m on a Citi Plow”

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