Snow vehicle, 1924




Snow vehicle 1910:


Chrysler, 60s, also a screw-drive, but amphibious.

Hmm, Wiki sez the Fordson is on display outside of Sacramento.

She looks like a Beaut!


Amphibious the way that most amphibians are amphibious tho, it needs the wet I'll warrant or they would have shown otherwise. Still, with an ominous faring & some weapons mounted it would make a keen villain vehicle. COBRA!!




Reminds me of the Sidewinder Forklift:


If you've ever watched How to Marry a Millionaire, you might recognize a descendant of this device up in the forests of Maine, as played, I'm sure, by the forests of California.


I think I prefer the russian version. Proper villainy really requires vehicles that can knock trees out of it's way while retreating too/attacking from a secret liar hidden in a stinking swampy cesspool.


Convenient for travel from Interzone.

  1. The tractor version of this machine is simply terrifying. Ending up
    under a tractor tire would suck, seriously. Ending up under one of
    these screws would really be ending up totally screwed, though!
    Let's not even try to imagine what happens when the driver falls
  2. Do we still do unicorn chasers? After watching that farmer beat his
    horse senseless because it was unable to walk in deep snow, I kinda
    need one.


Any ideas as to why these things aren't more common today?

  1. Same for a regular tractor.

  2. I like to imagine the horse bit his nads off when they got back to the barn.


We had this one, Hus-Ski (probably 50 yrs after that sledge) -- never worked during my lifetime...
My brother just sold it to somebody who was going to restore it. It was in almost perfect shape since it had just sat in the barn all those years.


Just a guess, but the economics don't really play out. I mean, how much snow do you really need to plow, anyway? It's basically a machine to move a human being, and if that's what needs to happen it's pretty damn inefficient at it. Just a guess, but I'd say between economic development in rural areas, WWII bringing a lot of technological changes, and the progressive improvements in snowmobiles beginning in the late-60's, you just never really needed a giant motor on huge hollow screws.


With a little modification, subterranean!


Yeah, but you always WANT giant motors on huge hollow screws.


I swear I hear the A-Team jingle at least twice in that video.


Do want!

Also, I now require a new upgrade to be made available for Badass Dragons of the Wasteland.



225 cubic inch Slant 6! That's what I had in my Dart.