Watch: Man drives snowplow made from lawnmower and TV box


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With a bit of duct tape, this guy would make Red Green very proud.


Would have been even smarter had he taken the TV out first.


but it would be even better if he made that tv play the Mister Plow commercial on an endless loop.


Try that with your tiny iphone boxes, you damn kids!

And stay off my snowy lawn!


How long before John Deere sues him for modifying his tractor?



Hahaha, funny but sad.


Cool, but I know this will not work in all snow conditions.


True, that. TV box is fine for powdery snow, not so good for the heavy stuff that comes down when it’s just cold enough for the precipitation to be snow.


I’ve loved somewhere that had one of those. Of course, when it was needed, it was so cold the diesel was too thick to go through the injectors, so it didn’t work.


Surprised nobody came here yet to say how terrible this practice is and why it should be immediately banned! (Vertical video, of course.)


Still cheaper than a snow plow attachment for his John Deere:

50" TV: $279
54" snow plow attachment for John Deere lawn tractor: $354


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