How to clear a road buried 60 feet in snow


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I am almost surprised they didn’t have a huge diesel truck version kinda like the setups on train engines for clearing railroads.



Just the thing when your body-disposing needs are too much for a wood-chipper to handle!


From TFA

It sounds like that’s exactly what they have, but it’s not capable until things have been cut down to size.


They have a picture and it is a middling size truck with what looks like a giant size standard snow blower.
I was expecting more like a big rig with a big blade structure taking up the entire front.


What do you think happened to the dinosaurs? #AlternativeFact


I’d like that for the morning commute.


Need to modify something like this:

Nah, you just find a nice gully in an isolated woodlot. Just have to make sure you don’t pile the bodies so deep as to dam the stream.


Ah, nothing like the voice of experience! :slight_smile:


Gotta chew it up before you can spit it out. Giant blades only work when the snow’s not too heavy and there’s still room to the side for it get pushed off to.


If I were standing next to one of those sheer walls of snow I’d be worried it would collapse on me. Why aren’t snowsheds or some sort of support used?


Charles De Mar: This is pure snow! It’s everywhere! Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?


Indeed. American railroads in the west have made use of snow sheds for many a decade to solve just such snow problems.


Humans get shiat done when they’re forced to.

Human ingenuity will save the species from snow, for sure.


Perhaps more something like

Or, if you’re cramped for space


I prefer a quicker approach:


What about a giant, spaced based laser to clear out snow anywhere you want?


put a search in for ice crawler as some of the top slopes jerry up the slopes all night long but no thing