Extreme off-road wheelchair

Except that, anyone who would use this wheelchair to be destructive in the woods would have also been destructive on an ATV if they had all the bodily functions required to do so (and vice-versa, park rangers ride ATVs for work, so surely there are respectful ways to do so). So you’re not adding a destructive person, just giving people with certain physical challenges the same opportunity to chose to be respectful or destructive that everyone else has. Also, I don’t think “at least paraplegics aren’t tearing up our national parks!” is an effective environmental preservation model…

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I’m thinking deisel-electric maybe. For those really high-torque moments.

I’m not sure I would call this a wheelchair: it’s a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. There are a slew of vans and cars out there that have had a very similar conversion.


It has neither wheels nor chair. I’d almost call it an exosuit for your wheelchair.

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A bunch of years ago in downtown Bend, OR I saw something similar to this setup. Great idea!


And a flying drone compartment :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, somehow I think there’s a better way to allow physically disabled access to woodlands.

Posted it before. Still relevant.

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