Hands-free wheelchair controlled by leaning

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Can it tell the difference between falling asleep and wanting to take a hard right?


Can it tell the difference between falling asleep and wanting to take a hard right?

Now why would you want it to do that? That’s a feature!

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Then you do “donuts” in your living room when you fall asleep.

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Right here is a chair that you drive with your BUTT!
(if no one laughs repeat the last three words in the previous statement, but louder)

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The wheel possibly turns full-circle. IIRC the nearly-useless Segway was developed from the gyro-tech that was first developed (by Kamen?) to make motorized travel for disabled people much better and easier. A much greater good than its deployment as an exercise avoidance toy for the able-bodied.

Seems like the OGO isn’t the only game in town…



Interesting, but seems useless to anyone who needs a chair because of partial/asymmetric paralysis above the waist or suffers from muscular tremors. Hopefully they’ll add the ability to tune the sensitivity or allow alternative controllers.


Interesting. I wonder how this differs from Segways and ‘hoverboards’, which, as the BBC reported last week, are illegal to use in public in the UK, both on roads and on pavements (US: sidewalks).

Aaaugh I want one but also realize I will never have one because I’m poor and medicaid’s rules about mobility aids are stupid (if you don’t need a wheelchair to move around your house they won’t pay for one for you - even if you can’t GO ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE BECAUSE YOU CAN’T WALK THAT FAR) - It’s still a cool thing though. Maybe something will change and I’ll be able to get one.

I’m starting a pool on how long until the first septuagenarian snoozes over a cliff.

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