Control a cartoon avatar with your webcam

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Hey I read about this yesterday on Reddit

Unfortunately, it runs at a snails pace on my phone though.

This article kinda undersells the VRM format compatibility. You can use a commissioned made model or build it yourself in either VRoid (which is free on Steam) or made directly in the Unity engine.



Yeah. It’s pretty fun. Like a high tech version of puppetry.

It’s not Live2D tho. This app uses fully expressed 3d models.

(Although, Live2D models are technically 3d models too because of the sheer amount of 2d layers to run it giving them an 2d animated look)


Oh fun. I’ve been watching a number of VTubers and I was wondering what they used for the 3D models. I expected Unity (from the look of the models). Although I know Code Miko is Unreal5.

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Miko’s modeler and operator is a pro who is also a mocap veteran who had worked in the game biz for many years who happened to have most of the stuff she needed on hand right when the pandemic started. Very good luck indeed.

Heh, one of the very few rare things that 2020 and the pandemic have done a positive for was for the world of vtubing. It kinda struggled for years because of poor labor practices in japan but many innovations and a big outreach to foreign markets outside of japan (in particular in english and indonesian speaking markets) seemed to created a bit of an boom. In less than a year english speaking vtubers have quickly caught up and even in a few cases, exceeded the number of viewers and subscribers of their japanese counterparts.


Yeah, the Vshojo girls are impressive. They have a really strong work ethic and the creativity is undeniable.

People think vtubers are weird, but they’re just like any other streamer. The only real difference is the level of control over appearance. But that doesn’t mean anything if they’re not entertaining.


Yup, Ironmouse had talked quite a bit about that when it came to body image and her condition


Ironmouse is probably my favorite EN language vtuber. But I also like Snuffy and Nyanners a lot too.


This mostly around that one group breakup? I think they were basically the third name in Vtubing after Niji and Holo. Caught bits of other much smaller teams disbanding since last year as well.

Game Bu?

Hum, this sounds like it, but I was thinking about the group that Shibuya Hal and Petra were both kinda under, I believe.

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