Control for Playstation 1

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Hahaha! Man I’m glad you posted that: I was very unlikely to hit Stack today.

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Still seems like there are too many polygons for a Playstation game.

I find myself increasingly annoyed by April fools - besides the few amusing game mock-ups. I just can’t believe any news items I hear on the day - or, apparently, a number of days before too, now. It’s just tiring.


I find myself missing ThinkGeek’s April fools stuff.


I was surprised this was actually done by Remedy - I see fan demakes that both hew more convincingly to PSX aesthetics and more closely equate the source material…

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I was feeling my time getting sucked away by a request from a colleague that I did not need to be dealing with (trigger google translate to automatically translate this one page on load! that should be easy, right?) when I hit this one. My lizard brain already had a rough outline forming of a rant about Jeff’s so-called “principles” and WTF-did-Amazon-buy-out-SE in the brief but stress-accordioned moments before my brain caught up.

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