Artists troll Thingiverse with 3D model mashup bot

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Shame Thingiverse can’t simply create a label, such as “art” or “bot-created” or whatever to allow the bot to continue making the mashups while also allowing regular users to sidestep bot-created (or similar) content.

And this statement,

…is, to my way of thinking, not a rational thought.


They should have named it Hieronymus Botsch.


How do they decide who’s on the front page? First-come-first-served? Or does popularity matter? Because it sounds like the bot’s owners don’t feel like slowing down its output for the good of the order.


Hello, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.



“I call this piece, ‘This makes people want to punch me in the face’.”


Seems to me the robot is no better than malware. But I suppose some malware designers consider themselves artists.

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OK, you’ve got your 15 seconds of fame, for what? To piss off a bunch of 3D nerds? bravo

on the other hand it IS kinda cool in a obnoxiously dadaist way… maybe future games will troll the thousands and thousand or millions of mashups for junk to clutter up their current CoD title or VR thingee.


The “front page” of Thingiverse is not greatly impacted by the bot, despite what the story suggests. It does clutter the stream of designs, which, when one browses for new designs, are generally viewed in the order they were published (you can change the sorting, such as by popularity).

Honestly, though I’m as cranky a Thingiverse user as there is, the bot hasn’t troubled me much. (The fact that my designs are licensed in a way which makes them ineligible as DNA for the bot may be part of that.) So many designs are published each day, the fact that a number of them are made by this bot isn’t of much consequence. I would be annoyed if my designs were being used frequently and I kept receiving notifications, however.

The trouble this particular bot is causing is minor, in my opinion, and I never questioned the intentions of its creators. The next bot…?


If it uses a widget to make a junk jumble, and later I am searching for the widget, and so I use [widget-name] in the search box, is the search going to return the junk as well as the widget?

Because that’s just pissing in the pool.

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That’s a valid concern, especially since Thingiverse’s search doesn’t always work very well as it is. (In the past, I’ve had to resort to a site-specific Google search to find what I’m looking for.)

From the linked page’s FAQ:

− Does Art belong in Thingiverse?

Yes, Thingiverse has an Art category. It is also well intentioned for art to be shown on platforms beyond art platforms to reach different audiences.

Bingo. And/or, as per @kongorilla, Thingiverse could change their default search to something other than order-of-creation, so the mashups won’t clog the list.

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