Convenient tea infuser also works as a yogurt strainer

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I have a similar unit from a different manufacturer. These are also remarkably good at making a single cup of coffee that kind of combines a pour-over and french press method. Depending on how fine the pores or mesh is in your filter will determine how much grounds winds up in your cup, but the clean up afterward is pretty easy.

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I’ve used the Bodum strainer - it works best in a large mug.

what @frauenfelder you don’t areopress your greek yogurt? :slight_smile:

i personally use one of these as i make larger batches, and the finer the mesh the better the results.

i’d say that is a handy tip for on the go, except I’ve found it usually takes like 1-2 days to really firm to the spreadable level, and i just know i’d want to drink tea in that time. on the up side that looks like a darn fine tea trainer. i have several just like it without that lid which looks ingenious.

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This style of tea infuser is far from convenient. They’re a major pain to clean out, as the spacing of the holes is too wide to allow them to rinse well, and they’re too deep and narrow to reach in and wipe the remaining bits of debris.

Give me a steel-mesh filter basket (you can occasionally find larger ones, similar in size to these infusers) any day.

It’s a floor wax! It’s a dessert topping! No, wait, it’s both!

Could you provide a link to one? I’d like to try it.

I picked mine up at Teahouse Kuan Yin (in Seattle) some time back. This one looks similar.

The mesh is large enough that you may get some fines in your brewed tea. If that bothers you, you can reduce them by dipping the bottom half in hot water before adding tea to the basket (the hot water seems to cause the smaller bits to swell before they can slip through the mesh).

Thank you!

ah, i loved that place. Makes me miss living in Seattle.

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