Why the Bodum Yo is my favorite tea strainer

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I prefer what seems to be called a ‘bottom dispensing tea pot’ - I’ve had a Teavana one and now have one by Grosche, though I’m happy to see there are now many more on the market. I have a 16oz one so it perfectly fills my Zojirushi insulated canister; I do have to be a little careful when using it with mugs because I’ve occassionally overflowed a 12oz mug that I took for a 16oz one :slight_smile:

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How does one “accidentally” buy a large bag of nettle leaves? Did you stumble and fall on Amazon’s “Buy with one click” button while your cat was padding its paws randomly across your computer keyboard and conjured up a page for edible weed sales?

Boiling hot water on plastic has always sounded like a bad idea health wise to me. I’ve been using a stainless steel steeper at work for close to 12 years now. True stainless steel requires more cleaning but that’s OK. As long as you dry it out, that’s OK. I also use a coffee pot cleaner to clean it every few months.

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