Cookie Monster menaces locals in California seaside town

Well perhaps it’s time to stop fucking them?


Well, from the article …

The man behind the Cookie Monster mask has reportedly been named as Adam Sandler - but he’s no relation to the Hollywood actor.

Mr Sandler, 59, has a history of causing trouble in costumes, according to police.

In the mid-2010s Mr Sandler would dress up as Elmo in San Francisco and shout at tourists who wouldn’t give him a tip when they took a photo with him, earning the nickname “Evil Elmo”.

He was eventually arrested and banned from the Fisherman’s Wharf and Embarcadero piers in the city.

Mr Sandler has history of causing trouble across the US.

LA police detective Jeana Franco said in 2016: “This guy is like a national nuisance.”

Yeah, I know the article says this isn’t the same guy, but past that point it’s really not completely clear which one they’re describing. I can see it either way, honestly.


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