Elmo is feuding with a rock and it's hilarious

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Reminds me of another celebrity with the intellectual capacity of a four year old feuding with a Rock.

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By the way, TIL Rock Biter has a name and I’ll need to find a local babcia to help me pronounce it.


I think they should paint a raised eyebrow on Rocco and at some point have Dwayne Johnson voicing him.

They could make it a snuffleupagus kind of thing where Rocco only talks when Elmo isn’t around.

(Or maybe they already do something similar. It’s been a while since I actually watched Sesame Street.)

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Interestingly Polygon also did an article about this “feud” earlier this week as well

Please Sesame, PLEASE bring Dwayne Johnson into this.

Cue the god-botherers deciding that Rocco is actually god, Elmo is an Athiest, and therefore all PBS should be canceled, and preferably burned.

snuffy GIF by dani

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As long as Zoe is properly caring for Rocco, it’s all good.

The Rock claps back:


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