Cookies for Breakfast (Recipe)




Did someone say “legitimize cookies as a breakfast food”?


At what point to you stop calling something a “cookie” and start calling it a “nutrient-rich quick-bread-like bean patty”?


Well, sooner or later the gluten free fad will fade and it’ll move onto some random other foodstuff being re-imagined. “It’s cream of chicken, except instead of cream we’re using rocks and instead of chicken it’s sand.”


Cookies for breakfast would be a step up for me… I had the last of my easter peeps for breakfast today.


See you are taking it too far. the new Cream of Chicken will be an almond milk base with soy chicken product…


My solution: Have real (and delicious) cookies for breakfast. Proceed to give no fucks. Go about day as normal. Save chickpeas for making chana dal for dinner.


The thread title immediately made me think of Mike Cross’ version of the French Canadian song “Whiskey 'fore Breakfast”:

Lord preserve us and protect us…we been drinking whiskey 'fore breakfast.


Having made vegetarian “chicken” pot pie a number of times, I can tell you that you’re not far off. Instead of cream of chicken soup, start with cream of mushroom (prepared or homemade) and as you say use some plant-based chicken substitute for the chunks of protein.


Gluten free, organic, no added sugar . . . it’s all for nought if the cookies are baked in a clay oven fueled by plant-sourced natural gas with no odor taggants.


Wait now, they didn’t say no added sugar, they said no refined sugar. It’s got honey in it, which is certainly an added sugar, and functionally the same as refined sugar, but technically not “refined sugar,” so it’s totally OK.

Of course, you have to bake it in a locally sourced clay oven heated by dried dung from organically raised, free-range, antibiotic-free yaks.


Which, ironically, is not as environmentally friendly as it might seem (air pollution issues).


He didn’t say anything about burning the dung. Maybe it’s used for thermal mass in a sun-heated system. (Though I guess more clay would have been a more sensible choice.)


Yeah, but that kind of exists already. I had to go pretty far to think of something that didn’t already exist. (Notable, I am lactose intolerant and have to do all sorts of weird substitutions to get around milk all the time, so I’m a little sympathetic to the idea, but calling these cookies is a stretch)

Edit: and the whole wheat belly thing is just the latest dietary evil fad. I have a friend who’s been gluten intolerant for a lot longer than the fads and I sympathize with those who have legitimate issues with it and I’m glad the latest fad is making their lives easier.


Got to agree with this. There’s an old saying, European, I think. “It is a good day when there is cake for breakfast”.
Way I see it, absolutely anything could happen to you during the day. Starting it with cookies (or cake!) means that at least one pleasant thing has happened to you. :slight_smile:


Oh, that was my Tuesday morning breakfast… Key Lime cake from some fancy cake place in Atlanta.

(both of my unhealthy breakfasts this week were due to my co-worker Frida – I am now understanding the phrase “killing with kindness”)


But it’s organic pollution… Ok, fine. Bake it only using a solar cooker made of 100% recycled, non-toxic, locally sourced materials. But wait, should we even be baking it? Shouldn’t it be raw? Let it sit in noonday sun until dry.




That sounds great. Key Lime isn’t an Aussie regular, so I could really get into that. Bit of citrus zing, lovely. It was coffee and TimTams for me this morning. Bite off opposite corners, use as makeshift one-time-only straw.


Surely breakfast biscuits are already a thing, no ?