Oreo-breaded deep-fried cookie ice-cream


Unbelievable. This dish hits four of the major food groups: cookie, ice cream, breaded, and deep fried. Throw some whipped cream on there and it’ll be just about perfect.

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“Does it taste as good as regular ice cream? No, definitely not…”

(at least the reviewer is honest)

Uhm, folks, DEEP FRIED?

Can’t we get a heart-healthy baked version?

Thank you!

To be clear, he was referring to the low calorie ice cream, not the concoction he made with it.

The first thing I thought about that I’d love to see included in there is a layer or swirl of the same fudge you find in the middle of a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. (That fudge is the main reason I love those cakes.)

Yep! And maybe replace the Oreo cream with kale?

Who knew healthy eating could be so delicious?!


And the ice cream with carob tofu?

Oh man, I’ve had that Arctic Zero brand of healthy “ice cream.”

It tastes of air. Air, peanuts, and sadness. It is not ice cream.


I suppose you wouldn’t have the leftover cream bits, but it seems easier to just buy a box of Oreo cookie crumbs/bits. I use it to make pie crust.

It seems to me that he got a whole bunch of this “health ice cream” and went “ugh, this is terrible, how can I make this good?” Then went all midwest county fair on it–deep frying solves all problems!.

I think the normal demographic for nondairy low calorie ice cream substitute isn’t the kind that is going to bread the product in transfat filled cookies and then deep fry it.


Why bother de-creaming oreos? You can get chocolate wafers (for making chocolate cheesecake crust) at any US supermarket in the baking aisle.

Doesn’t he know about these?

…just about perfect… Needs bacon? Perfect!

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the sugared lard gets mixed into the ice cream.


From Wiktionary:

Present participle of emball.

Had a fried Oreo one time. They used to be all the rage in local restaurants. Tasted like deep fried chocolate snot.

No thanks.

It is interesting to compare and contrast the reactions to this particular junk food vs the McDonalds one.

It looks remarkably like black pudding. I like black pudding a lot more than Oreos.

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