Deep-fried Oreos, beer ravioli, chocolate-covered bacon are tabloid favorites

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[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:82299”]Not to be outdone by People mag’s sandwiches, the Examiner brings us two glorious pages of deep-fried food from America’s fairgrounds, including deep-fried Oreos, cheese curd, beer ravioli, watermelon, avocado, butter, and chocolate-covered bacon.[/quote]Wait, this is factual, relevant, and potentially interesting. This doesn’t belong here.


Deep-fried Oreos…I am intrigued by this.

@Papasan those didn’t come from my place that’s for sure.


The local state fair does a brisk business in deep fried stuff. I’ve sampled a lot of it out of curiosity, but I don’t eat enough to induce deep-fried obesity.

Deep fried Oreos and Twinkies are worthwhile, especially the latter. Deep fried cheese curd is pretty good, too. Deep fried butter? eh. It’s just a buttery hunk of batter, really.

Dark chocolate covered bacon is very worthwhile, as are dark chocolate covered Little Debbies.

I’m very intrigued by the idea of deep fried avocado and watermelon.


DNA testing are in the works!

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Deep-fried Oreos, beer ravioli, chocolate-covered bacon

Great. Now I’m hungry.


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