Milwaukee Brewers to offer deep-fried nachos on a stick


Intrigued yet horrified.


Maybe they’re trying to unseat Houston as America’s Fattest City.

I’d hit it.

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7-11 has a breaded and deep-fried cheese-stuffed Dorito Chip thing that seems to be in the same space.
I tried the 7-11 ones once; this can’t be worse than that.

Miller Park has some pretty good veggie dogs. Maybe they’ll offer one of those deep fried on a stick next year.

Such a waste! If I can’t eat the stick too then I’m not interested.
(minus the nub that was handled, obviously!).


Somethings should NOT be on a stick, and nachos are that very thing.

So that’s, what, $30 worth of food there?

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Their other offering is both very American and somewhat un-American…
A secret-Canadian Brat (with a dash of Mexico)?

One is the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat. It's an 18-inch brat covered with gravy, French fries, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut and jalapeños, then topped with sour cream and chives.
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You know better than that. The Down Wisconsin Ave. Brat is haute cuisine for Wisconsin, land of Supper Clubs. You can tell by the addition of jalapenos to a dish you might get served at a greasy spoon off US-51 or US-2. :wink:




Aye, burn the heretic (or more appropriately deep fry 'em on a stake)

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