Fried Jesus: architect of State Fair deep-fried butter

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While I don’t object to the designation of this guy as “inventor” of deep fried butter because he popularized it, people have definitely made and eaten deep fried butter before 2009. I made some for a friend who really likes butter in late 2006.

It tastes like I died and went to Heaven.

Probably because my heart stopped and I was legally dead for a few minutes.


So he is Jesus in a way…


♪"I don’t care if it rains or freezes,
'Long as I get my deep-fried Jesus."♫


Just quadruple the Lipitor dose for the day and enjoy, no regrets, no problem.

This is the sort of thing that is harmless if you once in a lifetime try it and say “That was heavenly” and walk away with a healthy respect for the shear power that a concoction like this has.

Now, when some jackwagon chain restaurant like Applebees or Golden Corral throw this on the all you can eat menu; then Deep Fried Butter jesus is merely a mass murderer through congested arteries.

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No Mars bars?

This article mentions deep-fried pineapple rings as though that’s something out of the ordinary…

Let’s see ya fry water, Jesus boy!


Well, if he could do it, he would probably be making fried wine…

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