How to cook up some delicious deep fried water

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Coming soon to a state fair near you.

Actually I’d be surprised if there isn’t at least one deep fried foods booth already doing this.

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In the category “Don’t try this at home”. It’s funny how the guy says “I’m going to stand back a little” as if that would have made a difference.

without watching the video, I can tell this is both intriguing and potentially lethal


Discouraging brand names to see in a cooking video #47: “Clorox”


Really amusingly pointless thing to do. Word of warning, if anyone wanted to try something like this for lulz… if the oil is too hot then the water could turn into steam, so you run the risk of the food stuff exploding or bursting. Which no es bueno when you’re dealing with hot oil, or it can splash boiling water.
If you’re curious check out a video about deep frying gnocchi bursting because of over cooking.



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I nominate those guys as honorary Texans.

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Hey cool! This is my video. Thanks for sharing it here :slight_smile:

This video was part of my presentation at the San Francisco Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon. I made a couple dozen of these freshly fried orbs of water at the hackathon and gave them away to attendees. You can check out the other stupid projects here:

Interesting tibit not reported elsewhere but may be appreciated here: the other voice on the video, the person filming for me, is Pete Dilworth, inventor of the 3Doodler.


I have a long-standing challenge I regularly pose to people:

Name one food that does not taste better when deep fried.

Up until today, water had been given a pass. But the question remains: is fried water better? My gut says “yes”.

(I have even had the chance to enjoy fried milk. It is faaaaar better than the normal unfried stuff.)


Isn’t fried milk just a premature version of fried cheese? So of course it’s good!


Yay!! If you like stupid hacks, you’ll love it here :smiley:


Deep fried, deep-fry batter (yes, i’ve seen a video of someone doing this as a joke). I can’t speak for everyone, but i would find it very unappealing having to eat just greasy fried batter.

The last state fair I was at featured deep-fried martinis.

I had to try it and found it was surprisingly good. You got three or four dough balls in a plastic martini glass, and on biting in, a squirt of martini burst out. Much tastier than I expected and definitely boozy. Probably wouldn’t get again, but hey, state fairs.


My standard rejoinder: Is fried batter better or worse than unfried batter?

Remember, challenge is merely positing a comparison between X and a deep-fried instance of X.

(And yes, clearly deep fried batter is better, otherwise we would just eat food covered in raw batter.)

There was some dark magic there; they boiled the milk, scraped off the film, and then fried it until it was a crispy golden brown. After that it was rumbled and sprinkled on top of things (in my case a salad made with goat cheese, salmon roe, and wood-fire roasted beets). It tasted like a (superior) version of the stuff inside malted milk balls (and better than its unfried counterpart).


I was thinking about the deep frying thing and i was reminded of an episode of a japanese game show, where they were jokingly making weird tempura stuff. I can link it if you’re interested (it’s entertaining), but one that i definitely remember that bombed was deep fried breath mints.

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[quote=“Grey_Devil, post:18, topic:78670”] but one that i definitely remember that bombed was deep fried breath mints.

Were we at a bar, I would be honor-bound to buy you a drink.

ETA: Unless I decided to pull a dick-move and challenge your entry by arguing the definition of “food” (which totally seems like sonething I would do).


The thought of “It’s not technically food” had already crossed my mind with the previous post. Also here’s part 1 of the episode for the tempura thing, part two is on youtube if it tickles your interest…