Try these delicious tiger skin eggs

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But why not go all out and wrap it in sausage, dip it in batter, and then fry the mf’er like a scotch egg? A few in one evening may kill you, but totally worth it.


Oh man, there used to be an Irish pub my friends and I would frequent back in the day. We’d always get the Scotch eggs with stone ground brown mustard and fried pickles. I can’t imagine how may days we shaved off our lives, but it was worth it.


Video link is broken for me, but this vid has the same thumbnail. :man_shrugging:t2:


Thanks. I thought it sounded like a terrible idea but then I watched the video and now I have to make some.


We fixed the link.

Thanks for the help, brother.


Hey, thank you! Your addition to bOing bOing has been very welcome. I really appreciate the awesome perspective and interests you bring to the table.


Also: That’s not me in the gif. Just in case anyone was confused.


I appreciate you guys too.

The discussions have been great. I’m happy to be part of the family.


There’s something hella unhealthy about it too.

Everything in moderation.

Foods like the occasional fried chicken meal are a treat IMO; deep frying foods that are already terrible for one’s body is just overkill… sometimes literally.


Look up how the “Reaseach” done by Ancel Keys threw out the data that didn’t support his beliefs.

“Fat is Bad for You” is based on bad science.

Too bad Ancel was also a good politician and convinced the powers to change dietary recommendations. Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes have skyrocketed as his recommendations took hold.

Many many years ago we bought a turkey fryer when it was all the rage, it was faster and kind of fun but it wasn’t the spectacular you’ll never eat oven turkey again that I was promised.

Now we had this giant outdoor fryer that we didn’t want to waste so come summer time us and the neighbor ate most weekend meals together, we each made something and then got together in each other’s yard for dinner.

There was nothing we didn’t fry. Bread slices sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar? Yup. But mostly chicken wings, beef, shrimp, fish, oreos, all the standard fried stuff. We even bought a commercial french fry cutter and we would go through pounds of potatoes every weekend.

That went on for a few years until we got bored with it and went on a health kick.

I wonder how fried boiled eggs turned into deviled eggs would taste. We rarely have enough oil in the house to do any real frying but I may have to try the egg thing.

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