Swedish Fish flavor Oreo cookies reviewed


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I actually rather liked Mike Fahey’s Snacktaku review on Kotaku of these.


Swedish Fish = good
Oreo Cookies = good
Combination = probably as bad as pimento lunchmeat in lime jello

Did they completely skip the market research and testing phases (which would be extremely simple - “Here, eat this swedish fish and chocolate cookie at the same time”)?


I initially read the title as meaning “Fish-flavored Oreo cookies made or sold in Sweden”


For the “deep dive” on Swedish Fish Oreo (and other snack food horrors), I like this guy’s take on stuff: http://kotasreviewseverything.blogspot.com/2016/09/kotas-reviews-swedish-fish-oreos.html


That may be an improvement over what they actually are.


I actually overheard strangers at the market discussing what a bad idea these were. Like @AlexG55, I was hoping for an anchovy surprise!


when “researching” for the Associate thread, I saw a picture of them and thought surely it was a joke

Went with Oreo Churros instead


Oh, man… my son wanted Oreo Churros for his birthday… they were god-awful…

We still have some in our freezer, if you want 'em.


How to eat Swedish Fish Oreos:

Eat one.
Say, "This is horrible."
Eat another.
Say, "Who thought this was a good idea?"
Eat another.
Say, "These are terrible!"
Repeat until the package is empty.


The industry loves stunt marketing. Adding a flavor, food coloring and a “limited time” logo, people will flock to the product to test it out.



Arrgh. I stopped thinking for a moment and clicked on the link because I wanted to copy it to send to my daughter.

How do I undo the affiliate link between my computer and Amazon now? As I recall, it stays in the system for a while, not just for the one item.


It sounds like it’s a cookie on your computer.

Clear your cache and cookies and it should go away.


I was hoping to not have to clear the whole cache. I’ll just do the last hour. Thanks.


Clearly you’re mistaken; the product discussed is cookies, but cookies can’t be inside your computer.
When you say “clear your cache and cookies” do you mean, ‘clear your cache of cookies by eating them’? That would make a lot of sense again.
Again, I think you might be confused where cookies can go, and where not. Think about it.


If I understand it right; this filling is to surimi what ‘creme’ is to an actual dairy product.


Yeah… I don’t understand why this was considered even momentarily. The best thing about Swedish Fish isn’t necessarily their flavor, it’s that they have the most awesome texture of all gummy candies.


It’s been a huge boon for collectors.


Based on the idea, I assumed the filling was Swedish fish-stuff. But it’s actually just oreo filling flavored with similar, unidentifiable vaguely fruit-flavors. Which is almost, but not quite as bad.

I believe fish-flavored cookies are only sold in Japan. They’re smoked eel flavored, and they’re actually rather tasty.