Mystery-flavored Oreos


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Come to think of it, why had I never tried Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles together? The opportunity was almost always there.




Eating something called a “mystery” does not sound appetizing.


Any brand of chocolate sampler box that did not have a corresponding flavor chart, for example.


I’d give em a shot were they available here in Japan.


Samplers are fine. None of them are labled “mystery.” If I find a box of “assorted mystery flavoured chocolates,” someone else will be eating the first one. And then I’m goint to wait a few minutes to observe to outcome.


Years ago, I remember reading something that said that Japanese Oreos had no creme filling and were just plain chocolate cookies, because Japanese people didn’t like the creme stuff. Is/was that true?


Oreos here are same as Oreos back in the US but no double stuff or other variants. Oreos here are not imported they are domestically produced so I no longer buy them as they are not kosher certified like the US ones.


So… Do they, or do they not taste like ‘mystery’? Because I want to know what mystery tastes like.


Nah, you probably don’t…


Reminds me of Jelly Belly (I think it was) attempting to create a pizza flavored jelly bean. While this did not work out very well, that flavor did make it into the Harry Potter jelly bean mix as the flavor ‘vomit’.


Whenever I’ve seen those Jelly Belly nasty-flavor mixes, I have to feel sorry for the poor food scientists responsible for taste-testing earwax, vomit, earthworm, rotten egg, and booger flavors to make sure they’re accurate.


Hopefully they just do the chemical analysis, and leave the taste testing to marketing…


I’ve eaten a lot of questionable, foul-tasting things in my 57 years of crawling around on the planet but these “mystery” Oreos are definitely in the top ten regrets category. Upon reflection, Fruity Pebbles seems about right. My initial thought was all-flavored Jolly Rancher sludge.


It’s… people… isn’t it?


You know if they were available in Japan they would be miso flavored. Or maybe spicy cod roe!


I have heard from unreliable sources that mixing the two would produce a chain reaction which would kill us all.


Sweet corn flavor. Definitely sweet corn. They put that on way too many things where it does not belong