Cake of cornbread and mashed potato icing topped with fried chicken


Please let this be the new hot item at KFC.

Oh why not, it’s awesome! You wouldn’t even have to eat it, just knowing it exists is a treat.

The trouble is this: did you ever go to a bar on St Patrick’s day and get green beer? You look at it and your brain goes, “ooo minty fresh!” and then you taste it and even if it’s good, it’s bitter and you want to barf. The contrast with your expectation is just horrible.

That, except cake that turns out to taste like gravy.

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I wonder how many marriage proposals this will get her?

It’s always interesting to see the new things coming out of the labs at Yum Brands.

An interesting novelty item. I’d have a slice if the slices were much smaller. I mean, the layers don’t have to be that thick, right?

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I’m holding out for the chicken-pot-pie Cherpumple version…

edit: I suppose that a turducken pot pie cherpumple would collapse into a tiny black hole.


I’m OK with this.

Personally I think they should take fried chicken and gravy and stuff it into mashed potatoes and put that inside of corn bread dough and then deep fry the whole thing.


I may have mentioned this before–one st. Paddy’s my brother in law added an entire bottle of green dye to a single pint.

The next time I feel like a major carb overload, I think I’ll make this (minus the chicken). It looks freaking delicious.

Hello food poisoning. I really cannot believe those mashed potatoes have been stored at an appropriate temperature. A cake like that is made to be ogled for some time before it is consumed and that just isn’t consistent with preventing food poisoning.

“Oh, boy! Make it turkey and ham, and candied sweet potatoes on the side, and hot-buttered biscuits and honey, and smother the whole thing in fried chicken… but no beans!” --Curly (The Three Stooges in “Back From The Front”)

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